Falling in love with life again …


The best graffiti I have ever seen! I have no idea what, if anything it specifically relates to. It is on a parking lot fence at the end of my street. I think this is my new motto …

Bonjour et bienvenue a Marrickville Maman. My name is Kate Dass. I chose this title because:- I live in Marrickville (did you work that one out?)- I am a mother

– I love all things French, and using “Maman” makes me feel tres tres chic

So, let me get the whinge out of the way. I do not think I am alone in feeling that 2013 was something of a slog. It had a bad vibe (please have The Castle firmly in mind as you read “vibe”). I have a life that is full of love, opportunity, and great good fortune, yet I was unable to get past certain personal mental and emotional “roadblocks” to recognise it.

This ends now.

I have already embarked on what I have dubbed “The KD Project” (with shameless thanks to my friend Jacinta Fleur and her wonderful blog The Awesome Project). It is as yet a rather nebulous affair, but will entail such diverse elements as brain reprogramming, healthy eating experiments, embracing the “self-help” genre rather than being cynical about it, and generally loving myself more, so that I have more love to give.

I wish to emphasise, however, that it won’t all be serious self-examination and pondering. I love to discover and share the weird, the wonderful, the hilarious and the bizarre via Facebook, and will continue to do so in this new forum.

I have lived in Marrickville for 9 years now (where did that go???) and am joyously married to the tall, dark and handsome man of my dreams, who, though I have chosen to use my real name on this blog, I will refer to as The Husband.

I have two children, a 5-year-old son and an almost-2-year-old daughter. They shall be known on Marrickville Maman as Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong. Can you guess why?

As you will doubtless discover, I am something of a neat-freak. I am a proponent of the adage “Mess Equals Stress”.

I adore reading and, after months of resistance, I finally embraced and fell in love with my Kindle during 2013.

My idea of heaven is a properly-managed cheese room. I would like my ashes stored in one when the times comes.

Thank you for joining me! I look forward to engaging with you all.

Love and happy thoughts,

Kate XX


13 responses to “Falling in love with life again …

  1. Very much looking forward to following you, Mademoiselle 😉
    May 2014 be all that you have imagined it to be. And may it be filled with cheese.

  2. Yes you are a neat freak. I walked past the front garden of your house the other day. I officially give you permission to tidy the front of mine. Have been doing river walks. Will endeavour to bang on your door next time I’m half way home and need to go to the loo. Aren’t I lovely!

  3. Love it! Congrats to your mum and dad on their anniversary! Hope they enjoy a wine or two to celebrate! I hope Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong are well! X

  4. Hi, Carmel! They had a fabulous dinner last night in Maitland, and I am taking them out in Sydney next weekend. Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong are both wonderful – I’ll send some photos soon. Kate XX

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