At the outset, I wish to provide an explanation for this rather dramatic background hue. The title of this post provides a hint; it is my parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary today. If they loathed and despised each other, and had spent their married lives arguing, bickering, finding fault, being woundedly silent, and what have you, with each other, then my life would have been very, very different. Many people I know, know what I mean. That is a tragedy.

My parents are not like that. Despite the general challenges and particular horrors life has presented them with, they remain connected, communicative, supportive, loving, patient, understanding, kind, tolerant, and, dare I say it, “on the same page”.

I aspire to having a lifelong connection such as theirs.

I love you, Mum and Dad.

[For anyone reading this who is not my Mum or Dad, please feel free to leave happy anniversary messages in the comments below.]

I would like to stay married for a tad longer than I have been (almost nine years. Wow. I know), if only to feel entitled to the related symbolic gifts. As you may have gathered, the 40th wedding anniversary’s emblematic mineral is the ruby. Lovely.


If you stay married NOW for NINE YEARS, yes just NINE YEARS, you, too, could receive some stunning pottery.

One can only hope.

For complete details of the romantic possibilities of wedding anniversary gifts (lads, you can thank me later), refer here. (Hint: nothing says “I Love You” like a new desk set.)

On a tangent, one of the funniest, and truest, comedy routines ever, that also happens to feature the name “Ruby”, can be found here. It is called The 5 Levels of Drinking. Who’s Ruby … ?

2 responses to “Ruby

  1. Mine were married for nearly 55 years. I am so grateful to being given a stable background and to grow up in a house where the 2 parents really loved each other. It has helped me to sustain my own relationship which this year celebrates 25 years. Leanne

    • “I am so grateful to being given a stable background and to grow up in a house where the 2 parents really loved each other.” I couldn’t agree more.

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