Grey Matters

grey hairsTo go grey, or not to go grey, that is the question.

I have been colouring my hair for at least 20 years. Around five months ago, I decided to stop. It had become a monthly process, done at home, mainly to cover the grey hairs that appeared like little silver beacons each month, signalling that it was time to dye (with apologies to the writers of Bladerunner).

As my hair had become much darker than its natural hue due to the layer upon layer of colourant, it was not merely a case of stopping and letting it grow out. I wanted to find a way to strip the artificial colour out without a) it costing several hundred dollars at a salon, and, b) going bald.

And so, to the interweb! There were all kinds of wacky home remedy tips. One was scrubbing your hair with baking soda. Seriously. What I eventually found, and used, was a product called JoBaz, which I bought for $25 at Priceline. The box assured me that it “lifted” only the dye in the hair shaft, not your natural colour. Perfect.

The directions were quite bossy, but understandably so, given that I wanted to retain my hair. As instructed, I applied, rinsed for the required 6 minutes, applied the other stuff, rinsed for another 6 minutes and, hey presto! My hair was unharmed AND its natural colour for the first time in two decades.


The results.

And, what do you know? My natural colour suits me. My hair is healthier than ever before. My only dilemma now is the grey hairs, which are not super noticeable, but are becoming ever more numerous.I am 37. Do I embrace the grey at this relatively tender age? Or do I start dyeing again, but stick to a colour that matches my own?

What would you do? What do you do? I am dyeing to know. Boom tish.


6 responses to “Grey Matters

  1. I once asked my hairdresser- an older Italian woman with lovely hair- with the grey showing through artfully…’When can I stop dying my hair?’ ‘Never’ was her answer….

    My hair was last it’s natural shade of brown? About 25 years ago when I was 15… I tend to stay as clots to brown as I can these days… Every so often I regretfully try blonde tints- as was natural when I was younger.. This hides grey better, but no…

    Let me know when you have an answer- I know it’s time to dye my hair when a 3/4 year old says your hair is grey… That is usually enough for me…

  2. I have been grey since I was a teenager. No all over, but in places. This is a result of falling off my horse and landing on my head a few times I am sure. So today, I have artfully left a grey patch in the front and blended this with blonde tinting. The result is very attractive and receives positive comments. So I reckon – go with the flow – and blend the both if you can.

  3. I am in my fifties but I can’t face it yet. I think it depends on how it looks. Some people look beautiful going grey – I think it is about how the colours contrast.

    • My hairdresser has suggested using a semi-permanent that matches my natural colour. This will hide the grey but not actually penetrate the hair shaft. I think I shall give this a burl …

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