Nice Melons

Just a little post today.

In November last year, Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong were enjoying a pre-pre-school snack of watermelon chunks. Conveniently, Captain Chatterbox decided that 7.55am on a Wednesday was the perfect time for a spot of gardening, and insisted that the six watermelon seeds he had kept were to be planted. Immediately.

Making the on-the-spot judgement call that five minutes of planting was better than thirty minutes of whining, I scrambled around under our house, found a plant pot and some potting mix, and guided Captain Chatterbox through the actual sowing process. After a gentle water, the pot was safely stowed atop the BBQ, and off we went to watermelon plants

Amazingly, I did remember to water the pot and, just two weeks later, six little plants popped out. I admit, I was very, very excited. It really is an amazing process. When I showed Captain Chatterbox, he was utterly thrilled and did a little dance.

baby watermelonThe seedlings were transferred to a hanging planter on our fence (see right). And now, in less than two months, we have our first baby! It is about 2cm long and the dearest little thing. It is incredible to think that it has the potential to grow into a beautiful, juicy watermelon.

And yes, I know I will have to rethink the positioning of the vines or we’ll have a deck covered in fallen, smashed fruits.

So, it just goes to show that edible goodies can be grown even in unusual places. And, goodness, it is ever so satisfying!


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