Non-Judgement Day is Nigh

DurgaIn my inaugural blog post, I talked about having “a life that is full of love, opportunity, and great good fortune, yet [being] unable to get past certain personal mental and emotional ‘roadblocks’ to recognise it.”

I began the year, and remain, determined to explore and embrace other approaches to life and the challenges of existence, and to finding meaning and peace.

As well as a new-found devotion to “self-help” resources, I have begun a daily meditation practice. I freely admit that I am finding it very difficult to keep my monkey mind focussed, but I am proud of disciplining myself to STOP DOING, BE STILL, and LOOK WITHIN.

Yesterday, I decided to visit New Lifenergy on Marrickville Road, a magical little shop filled with crystals and incense and esoteric tomes and dream catchers and all those other bits and pieces you’d expect to find in a new age store.

What I was seeking, however, was a guided meditation and visualisation CD, something with soft music and a gentle voice leading you into a focussed yet restful mental space. The one I chose (or was it chosen for me?) is called Inner Power, and takes inspiration from the Goddess Durga.

If it is true that people, ideas and experiences come into our lives when we are ready to receive them, then learning about Durga coincides utterly with what I am seeking to achieve right now, specifically freedom from fear and self-doubt, the removal of selfishness and anger, and the lifting of the veil of ignorance and close-mindedness.

Durga has many powers and is worshipped for many reasons, but for me, the most significant is that she is the eradicator of misery – mental, physical, and spiritual. Durga allows us to be free of the things that once had power over us, such as shame, guilt, and the sense of not being ‘good enough’ and to create space for new forms of power – love, compassion, for oneself as well as others – to fill us.

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” A Return To Love, Marianne Williamson



3 responses to “Non-Judgement Day is Nigh

  1. Love this.

    Meditation is hard. When practising meditation I was caught thinking: what is the point of this? What am I meant to be thinking about? If something comes to my mind is that thought / problem important?

    Clearly I was thinking too much. But I’m sure this is the internal dialogue we all go through. More so than others, whether we are meditating or not.

    When I shared this concern with “purpose” of meditation. A fellow meditator simply said – just let yourself be free, don’t try and explain it, don’t try to figure it out, just let it go and see where it goes.

    Enjoy your own discoveries.

    • “When you become more focused on the small steps you’re taking intead of the end result – and you see that it’s working – you feel good, and you continue to draw to you exactly what you need to take you where you want to go.” ~ Cheryl Richardson, ‘You Can Create An Exceptional Life’

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