Kid-Unfriendly Bars

adults onlyWithin reasonable stumbling distance from my humble Marrickville abode are two great pubs that also happen to have designated kid-friendly spaces so parents can enjoy a drink in the company of friends whilst their children play nearby – The Henson and The Golden Barley. I am grateful that these venues are willing and able to cater so beautifully for the burgeoning parent population in the Inner West. Without wanting to give the impression that I am a raging dipso, or that I have uncontrollably horrid children, I know I am not the only parent whose offspring are often the reason alcohol is the only solution.

However, I am equally grateful that there are fabulous establishments, old and new, that are decidedly Adults Only (and I do not mean that in a saucy way). As much as I love Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong, they have taken over, to varying degrees, pretty much every facet of my existence. So it was with a light heart and steps that I shut my front door behind me, left them in the capable care of The Husband, and met another of my beautiful besties, The Lovely Legal Eagle, at Gasoline Pony on Saturday evening. This was my first visit, and it will certainly not be my last. No bouncer, because none is needed. Friendly greetings from the bar staff. Yummy, interesting food (we had The Smoke House Platter and a pizza). Great beers on tap, an amazing cocktail menu, cosy decor, and an outdoor loungeroom, where we sat snuggled on a couch for the next few, very pleasant hours talking. Yes, talking. Not shouting. There was music, but it was audible, not overwhelming.

Upon leaving, The Lovely Legal Eagle remarked, “Now that’s a bar for grown ups.” And, you know what? I am finally more than happy to admit and accept that I am one. I am 37, not 21.

Giddy up.


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