Why So Serious?

right on

Perhaps nude bike riding is the answer?

Look, I admit it. I have been in a shit of a mood since Monday morning. And I have no idea why. Peevish, irritable, impatient, grouchy, even a “poo head”, surely the bête noire of every small child’s experience. Naturally, I beat myself up for feeling “negative”. And THEN I gave myself another beating for being negative. Because I have everything a person could wish for, so how could I, nay, how DARE I, feel this way?I have some theories:1 – Vata: do you have “anxiety in your bones”? I do. More here

2 – Biorythms: Biorhythms are cycles that attempt to describe energy levels or capacities for performance in various areas. More here

3 – Chinese Astrology: 2013 was The Year of the Snake. Snakes are bad mkay? Not really. But I have conversed with many people who have, one way or another, commented that last year (ie, 2013) was “a bad year”, but for no particular reason. It had a bad vibe. But, good news! This year (ie 2014) is The Year of the Horse. It is, apparently, an auspicious, good-vibe year for all, but, obviously, especially those born in a Horse Year. Perhaps I was still experiencing the residual effects of Snake Year?

4 – Neglecting to Embrace the Ordinary: I am in the midst of the book of (almost) the same title.roses I am, once again, reminded of all I have, all I have done, all I have accomplished, and to be grateful.

5 – I am a normal human being who just feels a bit down sometimes: I am finally putting into practice some self-compassion and easing up on myself. The rose bushes I received for Valentine’s Day and the delicious dinner my husband has planned for tonight have also helped elevate my mood!


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