Not Guilty.

cheering mumI went back to part-time work yesterday.

loved it. I loved it again today. I love learning new things and meeting new people, especially people who are both nice and very good at what they do. I love wearing smart clothes and nice shoes and lipstick. I love having someone ask my opinion about something other than how cool I think Optimus Prime is.

My children still love me. I still love them. Amazing, I know. My darling Captain Chatterbox, as we walked across the school playground yesterday afternoon, actually asked me, “How was your new working (sic) today?”

The Husband is, and I quote, “very proud of me”. High praise indeed (inside joke … love you, The Husband).

Caring for ourselves helps us to care for others with more love, energy, creativity and openness. Never forget that. And, by the way, this goes for mums, dads, and everyone else! xxxxx


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