Enter The Dragonfruit, or, What My Children Eat: Fantasy vs Reality

broccoliI have a friend, who shall be known herein as The Fabulous Foodie, whose 5 year old son has clearly inherited her sophisticated and fearless palate. I will never forget the short video she took a year or two ago of him devouring oysters. Oysters.

What the what?

Please don’t get me wrong. I think it is marvellous that he has adventurous tastebuds and that The Fabulous Foodie has encouraged this.

However, try as I may, I know that my children, Captain Chatterbox (5) and Mademoiselle Headstrong (2) would not eat oysters. They eat fish fingers.

I recently began an informal program at home called “The Fab Five Fruit and Veggie Challenge”. Doesn’t that sound exciting? The deal is that they must eat five different fruits and vegetables every day, and they must try one new fruit and vegetable per week. Captain Chatterbox chooses which ones he wants to try at the greengrocer. This week it was, of all things, dragonfruit, which he enjoyed, and choy sam, which he did not. I have a little whiteboard on my fridge on which I record which ones they eat each day with a big tick and a star beside them.

It is actually working quite well. The fruit part is easy. They love fruit. They do not love vegetables. I know this is nothing unusual, but I happen to think that vegetables are the best thing you can possibly eat for your health and The Husband and I consume lots of them every week. They enjoy peas and corn and mashed potato. They like raw carrots. They will eat the pasta sauce I cook with about eight different vegetables in it if there is no sign of green bits (my stick blender takes care of this).

And that’s about it.

Not seriously bad, but not ideal.

This week, I purchased Jane Kennedy’s new cook book (god I love cook books. And Jane Kennedy) One Dish. Two Ways, in which she presents recipes “where one base meal (can) be jazzed up, or down, to suit all taste buds.”

I am feeling very inspired and a lot more relaxed about dinner time, and the veggie thing, having read it. I shall begin with Lemony Salmon Kebabs, Chicken Kiev (Jane’s version), and Zucchini and Carrot Fritters, and keep you posted regarding the results.

What do your kids eat? Share your stories, tips and tricks in the Comments section below …


5 responses to “Enter The Dragonfruit, or, What My Children Eat: Fantasy vs Reality

  1. Hi, I have a friend whose child at 2 used to like the caviar off the crackers. Mind you it was only lump-fish roe. Still it proved to be an indicator of her adult lifestyle. Champagne and caviar all the way.

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