Home: Part 1 – The Urge to Purge

declutterAfter describing my love of throwing things out in a recent post, which I concluded by flippantly offering my de-cluttering services in exchange for a bottle of Champagne, my sister-in-law, who I shall now call Neeta-Jita, actually took me up on it. I spent the better part of last Monday at her apartment where, after months of mess-making, she was finally ready to embrace the thrill of throwing-out.

Bags of clothing were created for charity donation. Bags of other stuff went into the basement bins. We folded, piled, polished, wiped, vacuumed, hung pictures and generallyroom 2 made her room look and feel like a comfortable, pretty haven. Since Monday, Neeta-Jita has sent several texts about the further progress she has made. One said that it now feels “soooo good walking into my room … I actually feel more relaxed”. Another one included a photograph of the little potted garden she has started on her small, private balcony that was home to bags of random, unwanted stuff. Yet another described how she now loves buying things to add to her room.

I feel so happy that I was able to make her home a place she enjoys being in.

I feel so proud that she is continuing the good work.

And, seriously, if you want help de-cluttering your space, I am very good at it … remember, “Mess Equals Stress“.



6 responses to “Home: Part 1 – The Urge to Purge

  1. Kate, finally, so happy you did that. We will hold her accountable to keep it up! I do like the tag Neeta-Jita!

    • The most important thing is that she holds herself accountable, which she is doing, sending me regular texts regarding her progress and new-found pride in her bedroom haven. I think it is more important, and more helpful, for everyone to take a step back and trust that she is able to continue this process herself.

  2. Are you near Hawaii by any chance šŸ˜‰ I’m not a clutter person I’d throw everything away if I could. My problem is no storage space and a husband who it the antithesis of organized.

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