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Not Me

Not me.

I’d like to begin by saying a Massive Marrickville Maman Merci to everyone who has read my blog, and for all the interesting, amusing and supportive comments and feedback. I was just having a squiz at MM’s WordPress stats. Amazingly, and somewhat weirdly, people from 41 countries have viewed my blog since it began in January this year. Cayman Islands? Check! Finland? Check! Algeria? Check! Palestine? Check! It has made me truly realise what an effective and barrier-removing way blogging is to reach out to and connect with the world, and the amazing people in it.

I have 247 Followers (thank you again!) which, for a humble, quite personal, non-commercial blog, I am thrilled about. My goal when I began Marrickville Maman was to write at least one post per week, which, this being my 41st, I have accomplished. If nothing else, putting my writing “out there” has helped me to discipline myself to just sit and writesomethinganything … lord knows I need the practice!

On a personal level, the most important thing it has done for me is to give me a forum in which I can explore and discuss the new directions my life has taken this year. Again, I was to express my profound appreciation to everyone who, as a result of reading Marrickville Maman, has opened up to me about their own issues and struggles. I am always here for you.

I know some people I am close to have been taken aback by some of the things I have chosen to discuss – depression, religion, grief. But, I decided early on that if I was going to start this blog and write about my life and my thoughts, there was no point doing it unless I was willing to discuss and reveal aspects of myself and my experience that might actually help others.


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