Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

Make no bones about it, I am a bone broth convert. I first read about it on Sarah Wilson’s blog a while ago, and I was intrigued by the many health benefits bone broth has: it’s good for your gut, it’s great for your hair and skin, it builds up your immune system,etc etc etc.The long, broth 2slow cooking process means that all of the many minerals contained in the bone, marrow, and connective tissues are extracted and become available for easy consumption and digestion in the divine broth that results.

It is not a beautiful-looking dish whilst it cooks. In fact, it resembles something scooped from a swamp. The Husband objected to the aroma, but he is a sensitive, delicate thing. I thought it smelled amazing – dark and comforting.

broth 4

Captain Chatterbox was fascinated by the solidified fat, or beef tallow, once the finished broth had cooled. As I was scooping it up, it really hit home how conditioned we have become to fear fat, especially animal fats and saturated fats. During my first pregnancy, I stopped buying or consuming anything labelled “low fat”. broth 5Margarine has no place in my kitchen. It is disgusting stuff. Butter, olive oil and coconut oil are my fats of choice. I have also read a few articles recently urging us to rethink our fear of saturated fat, and I intend to experiment with the beef tallow in my cooking.

I can happily confirm that the bone broth is delicious! I had a bowl of it with wholemeal penne and a handful of parmesan for lunch. Simple, nourishing and scrumptious. I urge you to make your own.


6 responses to “Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

  1. Hi there, I concur completely! I was bought up on a farm and with a wood range where my mum used to keep all the rendered fats in a tin beside the stove. The rendered fat was used in all cooking – the best of all were the baked dinners and veggies and especially the gravy made on a base of these liquid gold fat. the next day we would all enjoy a breakfast of bread and gravy. Also – thick slices of french toast cooked in this is sublime. Try it soon.

  2. Kate, we are so on the same page! I made a bone broth yesterday and the kids had some as part of their dinner tonight. I love Sarah Wilson’s blog…also read a great book this week called I Am Food by Sydney nutritionist/naturopath Anthia Koullouros. The biggest change I (and the kids) have made this year is to go gluten free (long story as to why we did) and oh my goodness, I cannot believe what a difference it has made to my sense of wellbeing. So, we are on a definite health-kick what with the lack of gluten and the bone broths, and drinking Kombucha…the list goes on. 🙂

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