Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Just a brief post today, but one that links beautifully to my previous two posts regarding food waste and kitchen thrift.In response to these, a friend shared an amazing, inspiring video.The 300 million tonnes of food we waste annually seems almost criminal when so many people are starving to death. In part this has come about due to certain foods not meeting the exacting aesthetic standards that the modern consumer now expects. Supermarkets won’t buy ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables, for risk of not being able to sell them …Until now.Click the image to see how a French supermarket chain won hearts and minds and reduced food waste significantly:

I have posted the video link on Woolworths’ Facebook page, suggesting it would be wonderful if they pioneered such a program in Australia.

Would you buy inglorious fruits and veggies? I would.


6 responses to “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Hi Kate,

    Just being sick today, I couldn’t go to uni to copy the script for actors. Would it be possible to you to make a copy of the script for 6 people and later on tomorrow I pay it back to you? If it wouldn’t be possible, that’s ok, please let me know, and then in early morning I can go to uni and copy the texts. Sorry for late notice Cheers, Zhila

  2. Kate this is a fantastic link. I have sent it around everyone at work. I would buy these products for sure. Do you want to discuss how we might start it here? I am all for it.

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