Je N’ai Pas Une Cuisine

Dream Kitchen!

Did you know you can “roast” a chicken in the microwave?

How about make risotto?



Apparently, it is possible to cook all of these in a microwave. Hmmm …

As you can see (right), our kitchen is being renovated. My culinary creativity is set to be well and truly challenged over the next week and a half.

Our fridge and microwave are in Mademoiselle Headstrong’s bedroom. The BBQ will be put to use, of course, but I will need to learn how to put my microwave to use in ways other than defrosting stock and heating up a forgotten cup of coffee.

sausage stick

I know there are lots of packaged foods that can be zapped and eaten quickly and easily. I know I will resort to these sometimes. But I do not want my entire diet of the next week and a half to consist entirely of processed “food”.

I am thinking steamed veggies, soup, baked beans … okay, help me out here!

Rest assured “Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick” will not be featuring on the menu. Can you believe this revolting product actually exists?!?!?!?


5 responses to “Je N’ai Pas Une Cuisine

  1. That looks disgusting!! I can’t believe that anyone would want to eat that. Gross doesn’t even come close to describing it.

  2. You are very welcome to come over and use our kitchen any time you need to. Can’t have you resorting to anything on a stick!

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