A Bacon Billet-doux

iggsUnlike Jules Whinnfield, I dig swine. Bacon tastes good. Perhaps a renewed love, nay, need of bacon, quite beyond the ordinary, was stirred by my recent kitchen-dearth, perhaps not. But; there it is. I said it. I have embraced it.Some of you saw my Facebook post yesterday (see pic); an image of strong coffee, two eggs sunny-side up, and two bacon rashers. The ultimate point of this post is not just how good bacon is, but how transcendentally good it CAN be.I am a Jamie Oliver fan. I love his latest series, “Comfort Food”. The most recent episode involved a “bacon sarnie” challenge, in which JO and his friend used two wildly different methods in the quest for perfectly cooked bacon rashers.Said friend’s method was to place the rashers in a COLD frypan, and only then turn the heat on to medium.Intrigued, I tried it out yesterday morning.I have never had the knack of preparing crispy bacon.

I do now.


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