Return of the Jasmine



A long time ago, in a Marrickville not far, far away …

Episode LVI


I am rather pleased with and proud of my little house. After a brief, but intensive and unsettling kitchen renovation, ma cuisine is so, so very beautiful, and better than we had envisioned (regardez ci-dessous). Our enormous gratitude is conveyed to William of Minimum Downtime, whose services I can recommend without reservation.

kitchen two

kitchen one

The fact that I have decided to conduct yet another personal experiment this year involving food and diet I sense comes at just the right time. Whilst I had no kitchen in which to prepare meals, we ate – not horribly, but … lazily – (at least, that is what I think, and my waistline demonstrates).

I am embarking on a four-week program of exercise routines I have never before tried, in conjunction with the 5:2 food approach* (I shrink from the connotations of “diet”).

“What’s the point of having a sparkly new kitchen if you’re not going to use it?” you’re thinking.

Oh, but I am! Oh, but you’re wrong!! The two days of the week requiring the reduction of energy intake via food and drink provide a wonderful culinary challenge. How much flavour, nutrition and satisfaction can I pack into my calorie/kilojoule “allowance” on those days? Because I am approaching this experiment whole-arsed (as opposed to half-arsed, literally and metaphorically), I have been researching the c/k quotient of the foodstuffs I plan, on said days, to consume. Steak. Smoked salmon. Prawns. Bacon. Fresh, gorgeous green salads dressed with fetta and lemon. Chicken steamed with orange zest, sesame oil, ginger, green onions and bok choy.

Totally gross, I know.

The point is, you eat small amounts of delicious, nutrient-dense yet energy-light food two days per week, and then normally the rest of the time.

I can do that. Anyhoo. I am off to smell the star jasmine climbing its way over my home … (regardez la première image).

* With thanks to the Super Tops Awesome Best Friend for sowing the seed. Then nature grows the seed, and then we eat the seed. (ref.)


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