Not So Fast

peaIn my last post, I babbled about my latest food experiment – trying the “Fast Diet” / “5:2 Diet” for four weeks. The idea is that by reducing (not eliminating) your calorie intake on just two days per week has myriad health benefits, the least of which is visceral fat loss (visceral fat wraps around the inner organs and spells trouble for your health, driving up your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even dementia).One week in, one kilo lighter, I am finding it weirdly enjoyable. I feel cleaner, lighter,lesssquelchy around the middle, and I am sleeping better. I have also found that I am eating better and a bit less on the other days of the week, too.The Husband, bless him, decided to join me, too.A “normal” food day contains (or should contain) 2000 calories. A “fast” day allows 500 calories. So, just what did we eat on our, so far, three fast days (we chose Mondays and Thursdays)? Yummy things. This is not about eating “diet” food, just less food.

Fast Day One:

breakfast – 100g smoked salmon, 1 boiled egg, 1 tablespoon of ricotta, two handfuls of baby spinach leaves dressed with lemon juice, one small coffee

lunch – a small banana

dinner – 100g steak marinated in soy sauce and lime juice, grilled, two cups of steamed vegetables scattered with chilli, green salad lightly dressed with olive oil

Fast Day Two:

breakfast – one rasher of short cut bacon, one scrambled egg, one bunch of baby asparagus, one small coffee

lunch – one green apple, one small chunk of parmesan

dinner – steamed orange and ginger chicken with Asian greens

Fast Day Three:

breakfast – half a small avocado with an egg yolk cracked into the seed cavity with a tiny scattering of cheddar, grilled

lunch – a small banana

dinner – eight chilli, garlic and lemon king prawns, a large green salad scattered with a small amount of fetta and lightly dressed with olive oil


A total gross-out, I know.

Do I get hungry? Of course, but it is manageable, and I have realised how easy it is to mistake hunger for thirst, and how often we eat simply out of habit, and not hunger. I have been drinking enormous amounts of water. I have also, unexpectedly, found I have increased levels of energy on fast days.

Though my intention was to try this approach to my eating habits for four weeks, I think I might just keep going and make it the norm.

Has anyone else tried it? Any tips / recipes you can share for the fast days?


5 responses to “Not So Fast

  1. Good on you, Kate!! 1.2kg! As i am breastfeeding I can’t follow the 5:2 diet. What I’ve been doing for almost 3 weeks is using the “eating window” principle. I eat within a 6-hr window, for example between 12 PM & 6pm. I don’t eat anything after 6pm and because I don’t eat until midday the next day I have fasted for 18hrs which is still beneficial to weight loss. More importantly, my energy levels in the morning are through the roof! My house is tidier and I’ve lost 2kg. I also look forward to eating nutritious meals instead of snacking on junk and the kids leftovers! Good luck with it as you continue, Kate! I’m cheering for you! X

    • Thanks for your reply, Linzi! This resonated with me: “I also look forward to eating nutritious meals instead of snacking on junk and the kids leftovers!” One of the things I am enjoying about this process is the increased mindfulness regarding what I consume, especially on the “fast” days. am treating these small meals as culinary challenges: how much nutrition can I pack into 500 calories? One thing I have been emphasising to people is that there is no “diet food” involved, merely LESS food on just two days per week. For me, this has had the flow-on effect of improved eating on the other days.

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