I Am Enough

I will no longer berate myself for failing to attain perfection, but revel in my gloriousness. I will no longer feel unworthy of my gift of a life, but appreciate it and congratulate myself for my many contributions to it. I will no longer complain about feeling like a servant to my family, but embrace the joy and privilege of being needed and of service. I will no longer harm my body, but cherish and nourish it.

I let go of the past with gratitude. I embrace the now with passion. I face the future with excitement.
I love you, The Husband.
I love you, Captain Chatterbox and Mademoiselle Headstrong.
I love you, Magnificent Marrickville Maman.
A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson: “As uncomfortable as our life might be, as painful or even desperate at times, the life we’re living is the life we know, and we cling to the old rather than try something new. Most of us are so sick of ourselves, in one way or another. It’s unbelievable how tenaciously we cling to what we’ve prayed to be released from.”
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay: “I no longer choose to believe  that I’m a bad person just because I find something else to change within me.”
Hands Free Mama –  Rachel Macy Stafford: “Messages of shame, inadequacy, fear, doubt, and criticis popped into my head like undeletable email messages in an inbox. These debilitating comments paralyzed me. They prevented me from enjoying life, taking risks, forming deep relationships, and revealing my true self … I knew it was time to silence my inner critic so I could stop hiding behind a facade and start living a more authentic life.”


~ Affirmative Reaction

~ Non-Judgement Day Is Nigh

~ Throw Away Lines


3 responses to “I Am Enough

  1. Great stuff !!! Love it. I am trying to do the same at the moment. See – I think you are fantastic and you think I am but neither of us has been feeling that way about ourselves. Let’s go into the future together with a sense of positivity and gratitude. I am so pleased that you are part of my world Kate.

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