You Can’t Handle the Tooth!

teethThis week, Captain Chatterbox lost his first tooth. He ran up to me during school pick-up shrieking with excitement, “Mum, look what happened today!”

Of course, my immediate and totally rational response was to burst into tears.

Weird, I know, but maybe not too weird – it wasn’t the loss of the tooth, per se, that I wept over,  but rather the reaching of another little milestone in my son’s ever more swiftly moving life.

Captain Chatterbox’s chief concern was that he had lost the tooth itself somewhere in the playground. “Mum, how will the Tooth Fairy know?” “We will write the Tooth Fairy a note explaining the situation, okay?” Which we did:

Dear Tooth Fairy, My first tooth fell out today, but I lost it. I hope you can still find it with your magic powers! THANK YOU, love Captain Chatterbox XXXOOO

Fortunately, the Tooth Fairy was able to locate the tooth and whisk it away to Fairyland, but not before leaving a shiny gold coin under Captain Chatterbox’s pillow.

“Wow, Mum. The Tooth Fairy really does have magic powers!”

Where does this sense of wonder and enchantment go?


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