marieI did it! The Fast Diet, the 5:2 Diet, Intermittent Fasting, whatever you want to call it, I have enjoyed its many benefits for five weeks. Huzzah! But now, I am going to take a break. My feeling is that attempting dramatic calorie restriction during the festive season is doomed to fail. This is not to suggest that I will now embark on a gluttonous free-for-all. But with parties and events to attend, not to mention Christmas Day falling on a Thursday this year (one of my chosen “fast” days), I am going to relax my dietary habits and begin anew in 2015.

The past five weeks have dramatically improved my awareness of what it feels like to be actually hungry, and eating accordingly. I rarely snack, and if I do I choose something small yet energy-dense such as a piece of sharp cheese or a few nuts. The suggested trick of drinking a glass of water when the first hunger pangs strike really does work.

To quote Dr Michael Mosley, the medical journalist who first alerted the world to the Intermittent Fasting phenomenon:

“I discovered that I often eat when I don’t need to. I do it because food is there, because I am afraid that I will get hungry later, or simply from habit. I assumed that when you get hungry it builds and builds until it becomes intolerable, and so you bury your face in a vat of ice cream. I found instead that hunger passes and once you have been really hungry you no longer fear it.” *

I truly recommend the Intermittent Fasting approach to food. I also recommend moderation in everything, including moderation. Bon apetit!

* The Fast Diet, Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer



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