Do You Wanna Bake a Snowman?

olaf cakeI was born in 1976. In Australia. These two factors basically guaranteed that, if I had a mother given to making, from scratch, birthday cakes for her children, the recipe for said birthday cake would almost certainly be sourced from The Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.

It was, and remains, awesome. I have my mother’s original copy and my own reprinted version. I always promised myself that I would make my own children’s birthday cakes from it, which I have, in the main, done.

This year, however, Mademoiselle Headstrong (who turned three last week) remains in the grip of Frozen fever and requested an Olaf cake. My first reaction was “thank the gods she didn’t ask for Queen Elsa”. My second was “shit, how do I make an Olaf cake, though?”

The cake, if I do say so myself, turned out quite well. It garnered much positive feedback on Facebook (thank you!), but one disgruntled parent was not very pleased with me, as his son saw the image and immediately requested his own Olaf birthday cake. I assured him that if I could produce this cake, anyone could.

This is what I did and used. You will need:

  • Two Betty Crocker vanilla cake mixes (they come with little sachets of buttercream frosting)
  • One additional tub of Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream frosting
  • Dark chocolate buttons (the larger size)
  • A carrot
  • Forked sticks that look vaguely like Olaf’s hands (I broke mine off a tree down the road)
  • A few extra bits of stick for his hair
  • Two circular protective pads that you stick on the base of chair legs
  • One rectangular protective pad that you stick on the base of chair legs
  • Black texta
  • Pencil

Make the cakes in accordance with the directions on the boxes and let them cool completely (I left mine over night). When they are cool, slice them in half into two layers each. This will give you extra cake to play with if you make a mistake.

I used this image as a template. Because I like to make things more difficult than they need to be, and do not have a home printer, I drew my template freehand onto baking paper (ensuring it would fit onto my cake platter first), and then cut it out.

Put the template bits onto the cake and cut carefully around them with a small, sharp knife. Arrange the cakey body parts onto your cake platter and ice them as neatly as you can be bothered to. This is an excellent opportunity to “test” the icing, too – cook’s treat.

Put his three buttons on, stick his arms and hair twigs in, break the end of the carrot off for his nose, and draw black texta dots on the two circular pads for his eyes.

Using the pencil, scrape lines in the icing for his eyebrows and mouth. Place the last pad on as his tooth.

I happened to have some edible silver balls, so I scattered them around the platter.

I think the ultimate approbation came from Mademoiselle Headstrong herself; when she saw her cake for the first time, she simply shouted “wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!” High praise indeed!



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