Detox Diary: Day 1 – “Why are you doing this?”

detox avengerPrimarily, because I want to see what changes and substitutions I can both sustain and that actually make a difference to my health and my life.

It is not, for me, about weight loss. It is about wellness. I am not interested in juice fasts and general deprivation. Sarah Wilson: “Personally, I’m not a massive fan of full-on, restrictive eating detoxes. Our bodies naturally detox far better when fed good food, aided with a few tricks.” (Click here to visit Sarah’s blog).

I have, by no means, consumed my last baguette stuffed with camembert, nor my final flute (bottle?) of champagne. But it was, as I stated in my pre-detox post, high time for a system recalibration.

My detox day begins with a glass of filtered water (loving my in-fridge Brita filter detox breakfast 1jug!) with a dash of apple cider vinegar. Seriously, ACV is amazing. Wheat and dairy are not permitted during the detox, so I tried Burgen’s gluten-free seed bread and found it to be perfectly palatable. Today’s breakfast was said bread toasted, smeared with avocado, topped with smoked salmon and organic scrambled eggs, and served with sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach. Not too shabby.

Coffee, unsurprisingly, is not allowed. This makes me sad, but I coped admirably well, especially given I met my Super Tops Awesome Best Friend at a very good café this morning and had a pot of herbal tea. And fruit. I also place a spoonful of cleansing herbs and three green tea bags into a big jug every morning, fill it with hot water, and drink it throughout the day. Plus lots of filtered water.

I was already a drinker of “green” smoothies. (Many of my concoctions do, to quote Captain Chatterbox “look like poo”. He’s not wrong.) I blend enough fruit, vegies, herbs, chlorella, turmeric, cinnamon and coconut water to last for two days, and fiddle with the ingredients depending on what I have. They may look like poo, pond sludge, or the product of a bad cold, but they’re not bad at all to drink.

I was espBurgerecially proud of my first detox dinner this evening. I got the idea from a blog rather fabulously called Let’s Regale. It’s a burger, but the “buns” are actually roasted Portobello mushrooms. I spread mine with avocado and mayo and then stuffed them with grilled aubergine, zucchini, capsicum and tomato, plus lettuce and herbs. I scattered the tops of the “buns” with sesame seeds for and even more bun-like look. They were, if I do say so myself, delicious.

I will admit, since I’ve already mentioned poo, that my bathroom has been a popular destination today. But, I guess it means that the detox is actually taking effect … And on that note, it’s 10.37pm. I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams are made of cheese …


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