Detox Diary: Day 2 – Macro (Organics) vs Micro (Dermabrasion)

witlofYou know, I could murder a gin and tonic.BUT! I am having a lovely glass of lovely cold lovely filtered water. Lovely.

Other than my G&T longings, Day 2 has been top shop. I feel less puffy and squishy. My head is clear. I have lots of energy. I do think I need a bit more protein, though. Our Detox Guru, Hayley, in her infinite wisdom, anticipated this need and shared with the group some ideas to meet it. Alas, steak and camembert did not feature on her list.

Another group member was today lamenting the state of her suddenly pimply, oily skin. This reminded me of an article I read recently, stating that the Chinese refer to the skin as “the third kidney”, ie, another, and the largest, organ vital to the body’s cleansing process. It makes sense, then, if your system is being encouraged to rid itself of toxins in a big and sudden way that the skin would reflect this.

Despite drinking vats of water and herbal tea each day, and using a lovely, rich, natural moisturiser in industrial quantities, my own skin had decided that “parched and flaky” was the look and feel it was going for. So, today, I challenged it to its inaugural dermabrasion experience. It was fantastic! It felt like having a tiny vacuum cleaner moving all over your face, which, is, basically, what it is. I was warned that there would be some temporary redness and additional flaking, but that my beautifully clean, unclogged skin would now be readily receptive to moisturiser, therefore eliminating the dryness. Result!

I discovered during today’s Detox Breakfast 2 that buckwheat porridge is delicsquashious. I discovered during the day that Sarah Wilson’s tip of leaving a can of coconut cream in the fridge for a few days thickens it to a sublime, whipped cream consistency. Seriously, you HAVE to try this.

I am now off to slurp down a big bowl of soup. this morning, I baked chunks of butternut squash with cumin, fennel, nutmeg, turmeric, and lime zest, then put it into a pot with veg stock, coconut milk, coriander stalks, onion and lime juice to simmer. I cannot tell you how wonderful the house smells …



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