Detox Diary: Days 3 & 4

Today, I am wearing these:
cranky pantsYou wanna know why? Two words: soy decaf. Stupid detox.

On a lighter note, I am a bit lighter! Not the main aim of this virtuous regime, but a welcome by-product. We had a super-yummy prawn and veg stir fry last night. Tonight’s dinner is baked salmon with lemon and caper sauce. Ghastly, I know.

I am a born-again bath fan, too. I was always a bit grossed-out by the idea of marinating in water I had just cleaned myself in. But, having discovered the wonder of Epsom salts, I am all about a daily detoxifying soak.

Anyway, back to the coffee or, more accurately, the “coffee” I had this morning. I am going to ask our detox guru, Hayley, why coffee is banned yet green tea is allowed, when they both contain caffeine. Granted, green tea has a lot less caffeine, but it’s still there:

“There is increasing evidence that caffeine is not as much of a dietary culprit as experts previously thought. For example, some studies indicate caffeine intake may have a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease as well as liver and colorectal cancers.” *

“Caffeine does have its good points too though so ensure you use it to your advantage; it can help the body burn-fat and also can help boost performance when you are exercising so have an organic black coffee about half an hour before your training session. Organic coffee is also packed with anti-oxidants, and it can be great for the digestion, helping your bowels going in the morning, keeping your body nice and clean and toxin-free.” **

Anyway, I’m off to pour myself another glass of green / lymphatic cleansing herbal tea that looks like widdle. I promise the cranky pants will be in the wash tomorrow.


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