Detox Diary: Day 5 – Missing Meat

spagI am loving the food I’ve been preparing during the detox. I discovered the joy of spaghetti squash last night – it is a seriously amazing vegetable! They aren’t common but, on the advice of a friend, I found mine at Harris Farm Broadway yesterday. And they are so, so easy to prepare: slice in half, remove seeds, bake in hot oven for 30 minutes, remove, and take to the flesh gently with a fork – it comes away resembling spaghetti, the texture is lovely, and the flavour is very neutral. I served mine with a simple sauce of pine mushrooms, tomato, chilli and basil. Delicious and nutritious.

I cannot wait to eat real pasta again, though.

I made the mistake of watching a saved recording of Silvia Colloca‘s Made in Italy this morning, in which she prepared my favourite meal ever – pasta with vongole. And now I am dribbling as I fantasize about gobbling down an enormous plate of it in nine days’ time.

Today, I am feeling a dearth of protein. I would dearly love a steak with béarnaise sauce. But, I’ll have to settle for yet more eggs, quinoa, chickpeas and tuna – not the end of the world, certainly, but still, not steak. Sad face.

After five days of face dandruff following my microdermabrasion session on Monday, my skin has settled and feels lovely. Obviously the combination of a deep clean, finding a moisturiser that doesn’t make me blotchy and heaps of veggies and water is having an effect!

And now, I am off to prepare veggies and water for lunch. Huzzah!

PS – Harris Farm has a range of eco-friendly cleaning products and organic food. I bought an Eco Cloth for my dishes yesterday, and it works a treat!



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