Detox Diary: Days 9-12 – Sweet Epiphany

Ron Swanson SteakFor the first 84% of my life (roughly speaking), I considered myself a “sweet tooth”. Mistake me not: I also adored crunchy, cheesy, salty, meaty, pasta-y foodstuffs. But I was one of “those” people (women) (mainly) (not all women) (but, lots) who, in restaurants, always first examined thedessert menu before deciding upon thepreceeding course/s of their meal.I have, of late, become aware of my desire for less sugar, more substance. For some time now, I have much preferred the cheese platter to thedessert when eating out. I still love chocolate, but I have no desire now to devour entire bars or, indeed, blocks of it in one sitting.I, now, above all, desire flesh. Of excellent husbandry. Of expert butchery. Of sublime preparation and stunning presentation.

In short, I want a perfect steak.

I really, really miss protein. Yes, yes, it’s available in many foods other than meat and dairy products. However, I am looking forward not having to chomp through yet more legumes or face yet another egg but, instead, tuck into roast chicken, grilled lamb chops, a steak.

I adore beautiful, fresh veggies. Having a green smoothie each day is a new habit I will continue.

Nevertheless, I stated in no uncertain terms to my detox Facebook group that I would not be detoxing on Valentine’s Day. So there. (I actually said that. Reel matoor.)

The Husband is cooking me a steak.


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