Detox Diary: Days 13 & 14 – Let the Retox Commence!

Elixir of Rapture

Elixir of Rapture

Actually, it already did. I came clean to my detox Facebook group the other day, stating here that my Valentine’s Day dinner would not adhere to the detox guidelines. I stayed clean and pure until 6.30pm, when The Husband opened a bottle of 2002 Moët & Chandon champagne, given to us long ago by a dear and generous friend, and handed me a sparkling golden flute-full of this nectar of the gods.

I nearly wept, it was so perfect. If you’re gonna end your detox, that’s how I recommend doing it.

Fromage With LoveWe nibbled on two excellent cheeses (uncharacteristically, given my turophile tendencies, I went cautiously, not wanting to enrage my gut, which had experienced nary a dairy product for a fortnight).

Later, I prepared a lovely leafy salad, whilst The Husband, in a very masculine manner, cooked two New York steaks to a state of medium rare perfection. I could feel the iron and protein coursing through me in an instantly energising fashion.

Later still, we ate chocolate cupcakes appropriately adorned with red hearts. Interestingly, I found the icing way too sweet and ate only the cakey base.

I ate slowly, paced everything out, didn’t get pissed, and drank lots of water. My gut remained happy, the rest of me was ecstatic, and I felt perfectly fine on waking this morning. I’ve pretty much stuck to the detox guidelines today, excluding my inaugural post-detox coffee and a cheeky scrape of butter on my Burgen bread, which I am totally sticking with because it is both delicious and wheat-free. I have no plans to go gluten-free, but I feel that laying off the glutinous grains and the dairy has been the key factor in the disappearance of my bloated belly.

There are many new practices and foodstuffs learned and discovered during the detox that I will incorporate into myretox 3 general diet going forward. I want to reduce my coffee intake to one every second day. I will use cow’s milk sometimes, but I will continue drinking delicious almond milk (highly recommended). I will keep downing a veggie smoothie every day – it is a brilliant and efficient way of getting LOTS of greens, especially, into your body. I will eat flesh, but I will ensure it is of the best quality I can afford, and not every day. I will continue using the cleaner beauty and household products I swapped many nasties out for. And so on.

I feel very well. My skin looks clear. I am 2 kilos lighter. I have become aware of so many ways to incorporate healthy habits into my life without it being in any way a struggle.

Would I detox again? Absolutely. But my plan is not to need to.

(With thanks to our detox guru, Hayley Stockbridge, for her guidance, encouragement, and inspiration. I cannot recommend her services and abilities highly enough.)

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