It’s a Bittersweet Symphony, This Life …

glass halfAlthough I’ve blogged about this before, the fact that not one but two friends have recently revealed to me their anxiety and depression, I just wanted to once again urge anyone who needs help managing either or both of these, please ask for help.

This is an excerpt from my February 24, 2014 post, Choose Life:

” ‘I was wary of being diagnosed with depression. That would have meant that I had lost control, that I had become weak and allowed my crisis to beat me. I was usually resilient, buoyant, an optimist. I had become lethargic, addicted to sugar, teary, irritable, joyless and unable to focus.’ (Rosemarie Milsom)

This was, essentially, me last year until, inspired and encouraged by my Super Tops Awesome Best Friend, I finally, finally, went to my wonderful GP and asked for help. The little pill I started taking each morning, and still take, broke the maddening circuit of sadness, anger and guilt I was stuck in and enabled me to begin healing myself, being kinder to myself, and approach life in new ways … The only regret I have about asking for help is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

I have a life that is full of love, opportunity, and great good fortune, yet I was unable to get past certain personal mental and emotional “roadblocks” to recognise it, but I was driving myself insane feeling guilty about not feeling a sense of ecstasy and gratitude at every moment.

I now recognise what an impossible, bullshit expectation this is. Life can be wonderful. Certainly mine is filled with many gifts. But life is also challenging, hard work, disappointing, frustrating and bewildering. Sometimes it feels like wading through waist-deep mud. Sometimes truly awful things happen to us and to people we love. Truly awful things happen all over the world at every moment. Why are women raped? Why are people starving? Why do little children die of brain cancer? Why do people hate anyone who is not like them?

Little wonder that many of us need a bit of a helping hand negotiating the emotional minefield of human existence.

Now, after that little ray of sunshine, here is a picture of the cast of Monty Python being silly. Being silly can be a lifesaver.



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