Delicious and Nutritious

housewife controlling vegetables for recipeLook, I love food. I love eating it (funnily enough) and I love cooking it. I find cooking doubly pleasurable because it combines my love of creativity with my love of order and process. And I will now stop using the word “love” for a while.I am also fortunate in that I have the time to apply myself into the cooking experience on a daily basis, not to mention residing in Marrickville, one of Sydney’s BEST foodie destinations for eating both out and in.There is a proliferation of food home delivery services these days. I don’t mean things like pizza, I mean a week’s worth of proper dinners, or at the very least the ingredients to make a week’s worth of dinners. I received information about one of them via Facebook today – once a week, it drops a box of ingredients and a clutch of related “chef-inspired” recipes at your door. You still have to actually cook the meals.My question was: “What is the point of this service?”

I know lots of people hate grocery shopping. It’s not #1 on my list of “fun things to do”. But I like to see the fruit and veggies and meat and cheese I buy. I also like to actually decide what I feel like eating. I have lots of “chef-inspired recipes” in my cookbook library. And I certainly do not spend anywhere near the $189 for 5 days of dinner ingredients (uncooked!) for 4 people that this particular service charged. Just dinner. Not breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Of course people have vastly different lives and circumstances to mine. Long work hours. Professional travel. New babies. Transport issues. Health issues.

But I also believe that a lot of people are just lazy. How hard or time-consuming is it to open a bag of salad, chop some tomato, and pop a gorgeous steak in a frying pan? As my school-canteen-manager friend often says, “Making a healthy meal that also tastes good isn’t rocket surgery.”

On a slightly different tack, I have a radical idea for some additions to the standard school curriculum: as well as a weekly scripture/ethics lesson, a weekly library lesson, a weekly sport lesson, a weekly community language lesson, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was also the norm to attend a weekly school veggie garden lesson, and a weekly healthy eating and cooking lesson? I think they would go a long way towards alleviating the obesity epidemic and myriad other health issues caused by poor nutrition, not to mention providing young people with a vital life skill (ie, preparing food for themselves and others) possibly more widely useful than trigonometry or bush dancing. Not that I don’t like a good bush dance. Trigonometry, on the other hand … I never understood it. Not a bit of it. This has, obviously, resulted in a life path littered with failure.

I know my thoughts regarding food home delivery services can be countered in many ways. Please let me know what yours are – I am open to being convinced otherwise!

PS – Woo hoo! The latest Donna Hay Magazine has just arrived in my letterbox. Huzzah for food porn!

PPS – If you haven’t seen The Katering Show on YouTube yet, do yourself a f(l)avour and be prepared to laugh. A lot.



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