McDonald’s: i’m bloggin’ it

nice try“To thine own self be true.” Polonius, Hamlet

“Know thyself.” Socrates (et al)

“Be Gretchen.” Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

I don’t like hot chips. There, I said it. I do like French fries, though. Specifically, McDonald’s French fries. I also love their cheeseburgers. When I began ordering the one with added bacon, it raised my estimation of cheeseburgers to new heights of disgusting perfection.

Last week, McDonald’s added breakfast oatmeal to its “healthier options” breakfast menu. Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar team decided to taker a closer look at the ingredients – click here for the full list, but with 32 grams of sugar (8 teaspoons) per serving … well, that ain’t my idea of healthy.

Most of the time, I eat food that is nutritious and yummy and does my body good. Sometimes, though, just sometimes … I don’t feel like it. This is where McDonald’s comes in, and why I fervently wish McDonald’s would just be McDonald’s and stop with all the ersatz “healthy” bullshit. I do not GO to McDonalds for health food. When I vented my spleen on this most important subject via Facebook last week, my view was heartily supported. One friend, Betty Summertime, commented: “I was embarrassed when my daughter chose the apple instead of the fries. How is she my daughter?”

The only comment that gave me some alternative (junk) food for thought was the one made by another friend who has a serious medical condition which is exacerbated by consuming too much sodium. She travels a great deal for work and, ironically, often eats at McDonald’s because it’s the only thing still open late at airports. What does she order? A salad. From the healthier options menu.



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One response to “McDonald’s: i’m bloggin’ it

  1. That is why you have to respect KFC – Macca’s adds Outmeal, KFC produce the Double Down Burger where the fried chicken breats replace the bread – simply genius!

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