Grief is the Price We Pay For Love

Paul and Cammy

Paul with Mademoiselle Headstrong, 2012

I chanced upon this beautiful quote and notion on Monday afternoon. On Monday morning, we were awakened by the phone call we had been dreading and expecting … our dear friend Paul, beloved by so many, had died the night before after a savage and serious illness. The Husband is devastated. Paul was a mentor to him in the truest and deepest sense of the word. He gave The Husband his first role in the industry in which he works, and continued to support and advise him to the end, both as a colleague and friend.

There are people who emanate “goodness”. Paul was one of them. The phrase “he didn’t have an unkind bone in his body” is abundantly applicable.

I have often described the loss of my own brother as a ceaseless and agonising sense of part of me being missing.

“The death of a beloved is an amputation.” ~ C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed.

Rest in peace, Paul. If there is something more after the bittersweet symphony that is this life, I hope you’re having the heavenly equivalent of a massive piss-up, and that my brother is with you, plus a few others who come to mind. You’ll all get along famously.


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