Peas Please Me, Oh Yeah

rocket babies sweet peaI have new babies.

My little rockets will be ready to harvest next week. That said, with pride, and yet risking a display of favouritism unto my most recent young, I confess the fresh new life form providing the utmost satisfaction is my first snow pea.

Pea vines are so, so beautiful. Flowering sweet peas are the most obviously pretty. However, ordinary green pea and snow pea vines, in my opinion, have a greater, yet deeper, beauty. “Pretty” they are as they grow and coil about their support structure. Exquisite are their springy tendrils, their tender leaves, their white moth-like blooms.

And yet still more they provide; that is, food.

The flowers wilt and give way and life to peas, snow or otherwise. And, as the scent of the snooker-baize stalk of a freshly plucked ripe tomato has no comparison, the green sugariness of a just-picked pea cannot be equalled, nor adequately described.

The manifestation of life, of existence, is something basic, raw, obvious …

… and essential.

To create, in all capacities, is about finding a pure and independent way of the individual melding personal experience with external information. The majority of our current challenges and problems simply cannot be solved by using existing frameworks.

Creativity needs the space to develop on its own. The world needs people who can think for themselves, who can create instead of produce, who can build something according to their own, new, even radical, values and insights.

And. I. Quote!

Little wonder then that a global survey of 1500 CEOs found that creativity was considered to be the number 1 leadership trait for the future:



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