WordPress: The Maman Re-awakens

I am your Father Christmas

I am your Father Christmas

Yes yes yes, I know – I haven’t posted since August, and I am sure you’ve all been frantic with worry. Sorry, okay?

So, how are you? What’s been happening? Me? Between a long recovery following the fun of pneumonia in July, commencing an amazeballs new job in August, and nipping over to New York for a fabulous fortnight of fun with the Super Tops Awesome Best Friend, and with the rest of life keeping on keeping on, I’ve not had a great deal of quiet brain time to let inspiration strike and ferment.

But I really, really, really need to write about my NYC adventures. That’s not going to happen today, though. I just wanted to ease myself back into the “blogosphere” (I hate that word) before inciting waves of envy and resentment from my followers. As in, blog followers, not “I’ve started up my own cult” followers. I’ll leave that kind of nonsense to the likes of Pete Evans (aside: if you’re as much of an anti-fan of Paleo Pete as me, I urge you to follow the Blocked By Pete Evans Facebook feed. It’s both hilarious and alarming).

Lastly for today, who else is beside themselves with excitement about the new Stars Wars movie almost being here? I just fervently hope that it doesn’t suck arse like the last lot …


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