Deadly Maman

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Well! Today was one of contrasts. A morning at the Opera House, an afternoon in Emergency at RPA.

Captain Chatterbox is a massive fan of a great kids’ documentary series called Deadly 60; and I quote: “British naturalist and wildlife presenter Steve Backshall is on a mission: travelling to six continents to find the creatures he considers to be the 60 most lethal on Earth. On an adrenaline-filled adventure, Steve discovers and learns as much as he can about the Deadly 60 on his list.”

Steve Backshall’s knowledge of and passion for wildlife is palpable on TV, and was a hundred times more so during the Deadly 60 Live On Stage show Captain Chatterbox and I  saw this morning. He loved it, and then declared the Sydney Opera House itself to be “epic”. High praise indeed.

On the flipside …

The Husband and Mademoiselle Headstrong were playing silly buggers last night, during which she apparently twisted her left arm in a funny way. She was pretty miserable last night, but awoke this morning insisting that she was okay to go to her little school. I explained the situation to the teachers, of course; sure enough, I received a call early this afternoon saying Mademoiselle Headstrong had been “quiet” and nursing her sore arm all morning. Now, “quiet” and my daughter do not go together, so off we went after an early pick-up to Emergency at RPA, just to be on the safe side.

After a scintillating three-hour stint, she was pronounced okay (in official medical terminology) – we just need to observe her and how she uses her left arm for the next day or two. She was actually a bit disappointed that an x-ray was deemed unnecessary.

Before returning home, I took the children to a nearby café for the hot chocolates I had earlier bribed them with in exchange for them not saying “I’m bored” for the seven millionth time, where not one, but BOTH of them managed to spill said hot chocolates in dramatic brown pools across the café’s communal table.

The Husband asked me if I was okay when I got home. I cannot remember the precise phrase I used, suffice to say he backed away slowly and closed our bedroom door gently behind him. I don’t think I’ll emerge out for a while, other wise we might be off to Emergency again …

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