I Resign.

head-in-hands-sculptureWhat’s the point of any of it?

I’m sick of being shot down in flames for daring to openly care.

I’m sick of doing a million different things every day well, brilliantly, even perfectly, but it’s the million-and-first thing I screw up and that gets commented on.

I’m sick of my moments of anger and frustration being misunderstood and misinterpreted – “Why are you getting upset at that, it’s no big deal?” – no, that wasn’t a big deal, but all the little deals joined together become one big deal, and that one was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A mountain isn’t eroded by one grain of sand, but millions over time will do the job.

I’m sick of repeating myself.

I’m sick of repeating myself.

I’m sick of children fighting about pointless issues like who should close the car door, or who has more bubbles at their end of the bath.

I’m sick of discovering random messes. Today I walked into the kitchen and found a leaking bottle of cough medicine on the floor. I discovered why it was leaking when I cut my finger open during the clean up.

I’m sick of being offered “solutions” when all I want is to be heard, and then be given a reassuring cuddle.

I’m sick of people who have no sense of humour or understanding of irony and sarcasm.

I work hard. I try hard. I am not always “nice”, or patient, or diplomatic, but I am always honest, passionate and operating from a position of good intentions, even love, and a desire to make things better, fairer, and as beautiful as they can be.

I don’t expect a medal. A fucking dot of recognition, appreciation, and the occasional “thank you” would be received with gratitude, though.

Thank you for your attention. If anyone wants me, I shall be in Paris.

4 responses to “I Resign.

  1. I totally agree! What did the economist Maynard Keynes say on his deathbed? “I’d wish I’d drunk more champagne…”

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